Cajun Harvest Country Awarded CVB of the Year

The Louisiana Travel Association (LTA) introduced Acadia Parish Convention & Visitors Commission as the winner of the Outstanding CVB/TC of the Year (Budget up to $499,000) during its Annual Meeting last week in New Orleans, La. This year, LTA presented 19 “Louey Awards” to honor and showcase individuals and organizations who have made outstanding contributions to the Louisiana […]

European Roots of Cajun & Creole Mardi Gras

Although they are different in many ways, Cajun and Creole Courir de Mardi Gras and New Orleans-style parades share the same European roots. Learn about the origins of these traditions in this explanation provided by Larry Miller. End-of-Winter Parties in Europe Before there were centralized governments in France and other European nations, each kingdom area […]

A Visit with Cajun Culture Bearer & Acadia Accordion Maker, Larry Miller

It was a bright morning in early June when we received a surprise visit from a local legend. Mr. Larry Miller, Cajun instrument maker from Iota, came that morning bearing a gift. It was a rudimentary instrument fashioned from 2 spoons and a piece of wood, and he brought it to be used for a […]