Faith Trail

Enjoy Louisiana hospitality along our Faith Trail, featuring the “Waldfahrtskappelle”, a tiny pilgrimage chapel in the Roberts Cove German settlement, Church Point’s 1887 Le Vieux Presbytère, Charlene Richard’s grave (A proposed Cajun Saint), and the unique grave houses of the Istre Cemetery (on Louisiana Historic Preservation’s list of Endangered Places), along with beautiful churches and faith-filled experiences. Ours is a story of faith but also fun! Experience dining on food from farm (or pond) to table and many attractions along the Zydeco Cajun Prairie Scenic Byway! Explore the spirit of the Acadians (Cajuns) in Acadia Parish. | 1.877.783.2109

 “Waldfahrtskappelle”, Pilgrimage Chapel in Roberts Cove
Roberts Cove German Heritage Museum
7212 Roberts Cove Road
Rayne, LA 70578

Church Point’s 1887 Le Vieux Presbytère
205 Rue Ivy Lejeune
Church Point, LA 70525

Proposed Cajun Saint Charlene Richard’s Grave
Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Cemetery (Richard, LA)
Church Point, LA 70525

Istre Cemetery (Unique Grave Houses on Louisiana Historic Preservation’s list of Endangered Places)
Swift Rd
Morse, LA 70559

St. Joseph’s Cemetery (Featured in “Ripley’s Believe It or Not” as only cemetery in the U.S., facing North-South)
401 South Adams Street
Rayne, LA70578