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Gravesite of Charlene Richard



Gravesite of Charlene Richard, “the little Cajun Saint.”

Charlene was born January 13, 1947. After being diagnosed with acute lymphatic leukemia, she died on August 11, 1959, at the age of 12. During her confinement in Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital in Lafayette, Louisiana, Charlene would offer her prayers and suffering to God each day for the benefit of others.
“She was a faith-filled little girl,” said Fr Joseph Brennan, a priest for the Diocese of Lafayette, who was serving as hospital chaplain and ministered to Charlene during her final days.

Charlene Richard is well on her way to achieving sainthood as a result of the many who believe to have witnessed miracles after praying for Charlene’s intercession.  Every year, pilgrimages are made to her gravesite by those who believe that she might heal them.

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Admission - Free
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